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You should first see if they have done a good job on a new roof, a reroofing, or roof repairs.

The best way to see that is fromthe reviews on their Google Maps listing. They are more reliable than the reviews on other sites. Also lookat their website if they have one. The links for both are in the company details.

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Colin’s Emergency Roofers

is a Roofing Contractor based at
6922 Mission Gorge Rd #9030, San Diego, CA 92120, USA
Ring them during working hours at
visit their website    .

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They have been rated 4.8 stars there.

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San Diego,CA

This house has a roof with steel sheeting that is brightly colored and pressed to look like tiles.

How much does a new roof or roof repair cost?

There is no simple answer to that.
The cost varies greatly depending on the type of roof and location… From $400 to $800 or more per 100 square feet!
You can get a rough idea of your roofing cost from Home Advisor or
Home Remodeling Costs Guide
The cost in the more expensive cities on either coast such as San Francisco or NYC is more than in the rural heartland. (Although some remote places may cost more because they are so remote there re no roofers nearby)
Shingle (or shakes) cost more than tile roofing or sheet roofing because the cost of materials and the time take to install are greater. Slate shingles more again for same reasons.
Cedar shingles (or shakes or slate), are more expensive than asphalt or metal shingles.
Other factors affecting the cost of shingle roofing are location and roof pitch (slope). Steeper pitched roofs or roofs with complex ridges and valleys are more difficult, and therefore more expensive.
Roofing tiles are either clay, concrete or steel and their installation cost varies for similar reasons. Generally the cost is less than that of shingles and more than sheet roofing.
Sheet roofing can be metal, asphalt or polycarbonate, and the cost varies for similar reasons.

How to get a roofing quote?

To be more accurate you could go through the process of getting a quote from a contractor registered with Home Advisor. But, DON’T DO THAT. Those guys will have paid so much to Home Advisor to get the chance to quote to you (and much more again to be featured) and your call will cost them. So, don’t get the quotes, unless you are likely to accept one of them.
Our guys know what the quotes are like on Home Advisor and they can quote a better price. After you have checked them out ring any of the roofing contractors we have listed. Or use the form beside, and fill in some details. That information goes to all the nearby roofers in our system, and several of those best able to do the work can ring you to talk about the work.

NOTE This form can be used when we have enough qualified roofing companies registered for direct calls for there to be at least 3 who can call you. There are not enough in or near San Diego yet. Sorry about that.